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My Hero Academia Movie 2

My Hero Academia Movie 2

The MY HERO ACADEMIA MOVIE-1 was a great hit not only in japan but also in many big countries like USA, Europe and other countries and it made a big impact in the overseas theaters. The makers revealed that they are working on a second movie for the my hero academia franchise.

 There is no news on when the movie is going to get released but the rumors are there that it will be releasing on summer 2020 . Its not for sure its just a rumor ,but most likely the movie will get release after the season 4 is finished so that they can work on the animation on the season 4 or they might have already animated season 4 and now there animating the new movie that is going to come soon.So just hearing that its gonna have a second movie is very exciting for me

If you are also excited for the second movie as well then tell me on the comments what do you expect from this new movie.