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The Promised Neverland Season 2

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Announced

The Promised Neverland Season 2 was announced after the final episode of the anime,the fans excited for the season 2 because of the story and what is going to happen next . The will air once again in 2020 that is the official news we have got from the twitter account. The manga readers know whats going to happen next but the anime only's are excited to know what is going to happen.

  • Set in year 2045, Emma is an 11-year-old orphan living in Grace Field House, a small orphanage housing her and her 37 siblings. Life had never been better; with food that tasted gourmet, plush beds, snow-white uniforms, and the love of their "Mother" (the caretaker) Isabella, as well the litany of daily exams that Emma always aced with her two best friends Ray and Norman. The orphans are basically allowed to do whatever they want, except venture out of the compounds or the gate that connects the house to the outside world.
    On a fateful night, an orphan named Conny is sent away to be adopted, but Emma and Norman follow her after noticing that she had left her stuffed rabbit toy, Bernie, back at the house. Sneaking out, they find Conny dead and the truth of the existence of this supposed orphanage to be a farm where human children are raised as food for demonic creatures. Worse still, Isabella is in allegiance with the demons, ripping away at everything the two ever thought they knew. Determined to break out of Grace Field House, Norman and Emma partner up with Ray to peel away at the fa├žade of the farm and find a way to escape with all their other siblings.
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