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Best Isekai Animes Of Winter 2020



This post is about the top anime opening of winter 2019.This top list based on my reviews so if there is any problem with it comment down.There were many op but this were the best one's so let's go. .. 

9. Kakegurui
Genre: Gambling
Studio: MAPPA
  • The kakegurui opening is at the last place because the opening did not have the correct beat or music and lyrics . But the middle phase of the op was good so it's in no 9 on the list
The song name is :  Deal with the devil 
                   Rating   :  7/10

8. Kaguya sama :love is war

Studio: A-1 Pictures

  • Kaguya sama love is war op is pretty melodious and catchy when compared to the kakegurui op .The op has many good lines and the music is pretty amazing 
The song name is :  love dramatic
                    Rating :  7.9/10

7. That time I got reincarnated as a slime 

Studio: 8-Bit
Genre: Fantasy

  • That time i got reincarnated as a slime opening 2 is amazing it has a cool start with good animation it's pretty good compared to kaguya sama and this op is no 7 in the list 

The song name is : Megurumono
                    Rating :  8.2/10

6. Boogiepop phantom

Studio: Madhouse

  • Boogiepop op is so great the singer of the song is non other than Myth & Roid. If you have been watching anime for a long time I'm sure you've heard of Myth & Roid and their works .Coming back to the op it's so catchy and the lyrics are an absolute to the music.
The song name is :  Shadowgraph
                  Rating    :  8.4/10

5. Mob Psycho 100 : 2

Genre: Actioncomedysupernatural

  • Mob psycho 100 is a popular anime series that is known to most anime fans in the world. In 2019 a new season of mob psycho 100 is going on and the anime is pretty dope . The op 1 was lit and the second opening doesn't disappoint us . The music and the character battle in the op is so lit . 
The song name is :  Mob Choir 99.9
                  Rating   :  8.7/10

4. Fairy Tail Final Season

Studios: A-1 Pictures, CloverWorks, and Bridge

  • If you have known anime for a long time then you might have definitely heard or seen something related to fairy tail. It's one of the top anime series of early 21st century and this time in 2018 it's final season has been released and the opening of the 2019 is just amazing the beats are pretty good definitely a good op. 
The song name is : Down by law
                   Rating :  8.9/10

3. Sword Art online season 3

Studios : A-1 Pictures

  • Sword art online its a name that every anime lover knows its one of the best isekai series. Its season 3 now and the opening 2 is worth the place in the list.
The song name is : REGISTER
                Rating    : 9/10

2. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Studio: Kinema Citrus
Genre: Fantasy
  • The rising of the shield hero its a fantasy, isekai series .This series has taken a lot of popularity in such a short amount of time. The opening is so awesome and the music and rap is on another level definitely worth watch the anime and the op is amazing 
The song name is : Rise
               Rating   : 9.3/10

1. The Promised Neverland

Studio‎: ‎CloverWorks
Genres: Dark fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller

  • The no 1 opening on the list deserve its place and the song itself its an masterpiece .The singing artist was the same artist who has song for my hero academia and many popular anime in the community . I am Sure if you will hear this song you will know why it deserves in the first place
The song name is : Touchoff
               Rating   :  9.6/10

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