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Nero's True Identity Reveal and First Wizard King Revived | Black Clover

Nero's True Identity & Wizard King Revived

  • In the new chapter of black clover many things gets revealed and some interesting  things happen in the new chapter. First of all nero is actually a girl and many of the black clover fans did not expect this . Nero was a interesting bird who knew many things about anti magic and magic stones, there were some rumors that nero is actually asta father but that is not true at all.

  • While we were all surprised by nero the first wizard was actually revived with the help of the magic stones.We also came to know that nero actually sealed the first wizard king for a very long time and with his remaining life force he can still fight so they head straight to fighting area
  • Speaking of the fighting area the demon release some kind of new magic that consumes life for yami's hand were are damaged pretty much but it had no effect on asta later yuno explained that the dark magic consumes magic power and takes life force of a person who has magic .

  • Since asta has no magic he alone has the power to wipe out that magic and erase it with the help of the anti magic sword . The first wizard knows the demon and he said that the time has came it means that he was expecting this type of thing to happen in the future so he asked nero to seal him in order to save the future and the living beings.
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