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New Isekai Anime Series For You !

I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

The anime name is pretty long but the plot is similar to isekai series where the mc is reincarnated and other stuff like that . The anime author is  Kisetsu Morita and illustrated by Benio . The series is cool and each every isekai anime lover would love to read this show.

  • After living a painful life as an office worker, Azusa ended her short life by dying from overworking. So when she found herself reincarnated as an undying, unaging witch in a new world, she vows to spend her days stress-free and as pleasantly as possible. She ekes out a living by hunting down the easiest targets—the slimes! But after centuries of doing this simple job, she's ended up with insane powers...how will she maintain her low key life now?
Author: Kisetsu Morita
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of life, Comedy

There are some inside news that it is going to get anime adaptation soon. It is a popular manga series which have a fan base of its own and many people are waiting for the anime to get adapted if you like the plot then do check the manga out.

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