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Foodwars Fourth Plate Anime Officially Announced

Food wars Season 4 

Foodwars  also known as shokugeki no soma which is a popular shonen / school anime which is popular not only in japan but also in other countries as well. This anime is all about food as it states in its title . This anime has three seasons with third season divided in two parts.

The anime new season was announced recently by the official studios and the creators in twitter . So many fans are so excited to watch the anime because it is in an exciting situation and the manga is also in its end phase.

The anime will air in october 2019 that is this fall season of anime the date is not yet revealed but it is going to be airing in the same week as my hero academia season four . The anime is hyped up at this season because many things is going to get decided even the manga fans who know the story lineup they are interested in seeing the anime of this season.

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