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Is Call Of Duty Mobile Better Than PUBG Mobile ?

Call Of Duty Mobile VS PUBG

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. The new game that is only in beta testing but many of them are downloading the game from the mod apk file .

The game has also released the battle royale to tackle the player unknowns battle grounds ie PUBG , since pubg is so popular in asia region and they need to make a audience from there as well.

Call of duty is usually a first player prespective game but it now has third player prespective just like pubg to give a good challenge since there is less competition to pubg in asian region ,free fire is also a famous game but it does not have the graphics and game phase to tackle pubg.

The cod mobile is different case it has realistic view and many new weapons for the players to enjoy the game many streamers have been playing this game and its growing more day by day with just being in beta . What will happen when the game goes off beta for others to download and enjoy will PUBG be in an disadvantage comment down below will cod be able to beat pubg in the mobile gaming platform.