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Overlord Anime Season 4 Release

Overlord Season 4

Overlord is an isekai anime series which has finished its 3 season with big impact in the anime community. The anime studio is madhouse which is also known for its animation details are fight scenes.The anime series is getting hyped up since the ending of season 3 was so amazing.

The main character Ainz is ruling a whole kingdom where the other peoples are planning to get rid of him but are unable to so because ainz is too powerful and has a massive army of the undead .

There are no confirmation from the studio or the artist about the season 4 but there some strong rumors that it is going to get released in 2020. Sources say that the anime might get aired in summer of 2020.

With all the animes that madhouse is animating it could get to 2020, But yet again the anime may or may not get release due to the animation studio and works for the anime .It takes lot of time to make one epiosde and overlord usually contains of 12 episode per season .



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