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Tate No Yusha Invades In Popular Japanese Game

Tate No Yusha In Chain Chronicle

Chain chronicle was a pretty popular all around europe, but it has got less active in that region even though it was performing good in its home where it was made ie, in japan . The chain chronicle also has a anime just to promote the game .

In the recent the game got tate no yusha characters for june 12 to 24 june 2019 for promotional purpose and collaboration between the game , since the light novel writer of tate no yusha is the same man who is in charge of chain chronicle .

There are characters such as Naofumi , raphtalia , filo , Glass and other two characters who were not introduced in the anime yet . The game will contain these guys and also will add and adjust the adventure mode of the game .

The director of chain chronicle tweeted that if the tweet was re-tweeted 4000 times then the character glass will be given as free , the tweets were completed in such a short time and it also got 6000 re-tweets . If you want to check the anime or game jsut search chain chronicle in the respective websites.



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