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The Next Big Sports Shonen Anime

Ahiru No Sora 

Ahiru no sora is a shonen anime that is based on basketball . It is a really popular that it manga sell on equal with haikyuu , haikyuu sells manga like 28 million copies where as ahiru no sora manga sells 24 million copies of manga.

Note: Ahiru no sora does not have any anime adaptation yet where as haikyuu has 3 seasons of anime you can imagine if it had an adaptation it may be on equal or more selling manga in sports genre there is also korokono basket which sells 26 million copies but we are talking about the highest selling sports manga 


  • A stout, weak, yet highly passionate Sora Kurumatani enters Kuzuryuu High School with hopes that he'll fulfill his mother's wishes to dominate his first high school tournament. However, the basketball club—turned den for delinquents—does anything but play basketball! Its club members, Momoharu Hanazono, a skilled blocker who can do power jumps but is horrible at shooting, and his twin brother Chiaki, a talented point guard, has also lost interest in the sport. With just one game overwhelmed with adrenaline rush and excitement, and Sora's pure love for the game, the youth's burning out spirit for basketball rekindles.
Studios: Diomedea
Source: Manga
Genres: Drama, School, Shounen, Sports
Aired: Oct, 2019 


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