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Who is Jigen? Boruto manga revealed

Who is Jigen ?

In boruto naruto's next generation it had many different turns and many rumors about jigen and kashin , some say that kashin is actually jiraya and some say that its his brother but we dont know the truth yet about him , we just know that he has been in konoha before and he knows the place pretty well.

By the way jigen who is this guy everybody knows that he is the leader of the secret organization kara , no one knows about their real motives but in the latest chapter of manga it was revealed when sasuke went to place where the otsusuki were and he found out many markings .

What was really shocking that the otsusuki were to be in pairs like kinshi and momoshiki but kaguya was alone when she came to the planet , there was another guy who was with kaguya it was jigen the picture of them both matches with the one on the image of the markings and he was trying to suck chakra from bijuu .
If jigen was actually there when kaguya came why he did not help her in the battle or in their mission what was he doing all the time when kaguya was sealed by his sons . There are many mystries but we know for sure that the manga is gonna heat up from now on .



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